Course Description

The fashion industry is big, and operating a ready-to-wear business allows one to express creativity and passion while generating good revenue and profit. 

Whether you want to make outfits for men, women, or children, you need the right measure of business skills and knowledge.

Aspiring and existing fashion entrepreneurs who take this course are assured of getting equipped with the business skills and knowledge that they need to start and run their ready-to-wear business. This is an excellent place to start for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs and a good place to scale for a current fashion entrepreneur as you learn about industry insights, operational strategies, and critical marketing tactics to establish your fashion brand, offer value, make a profit, and overcome challenges that you may encounter when running your ready-to-wear business.

Course Curriculum

    1. Introduction

    1. Introduction to Module 1

    2. Lesson 1: Opportunities in the Ready-To-Wear Industry

    3. Lesson 2: Niches in the Ready-To-Wear Industry

    4. Quiz

    5. Closing Video

    1. Introduction to Module 2

    2. Lesson 1: Essential Requirements for Starting a RTW Business

    3. Lesson 2: Equipment and Material Considerations for a Sewing Business

    4. Equipment and Material Considerations for a Sewing Business

    5. Quiz

    1. Introduction to Module 3

    2. Lesson 1: Market Research for a Ready-to-Wear Business

    3. Quiz

    1. Introduction to Module 4

    2. Lesson 1: How to Differentiate Your Brand

    3. Quiz

    1. Introduction to Module 5

    2. Lesson 1: Marketing Strategies for Ready-to-Wear Businesses

    3. Lesson 2: Managing Your Business Finances

    4. Lesson 3: Scaling and Expanding Your Business

    5. Quiz

About this course

  • Video Lessons
  • Workbook
  • Quizzes

Course Features

  • Self-paced Course

  • Lifetime Access and Updates

  • Robust Curriculum

  • Expert Instructors

Meet the Course Facilitator

Lead Tailoring Consultant, Wapa Textile and Garment Manufacturing Ltd Adetola Adebowale

Adetola Adebowale is the CEO and Lead Tailoring Consultant at Wapa Textile and Garment Manufacturing Ltd with a demonstrated history of working in the apparel manufacturing industry. He produced bespoke, formal, casual, and industrial garments from fabric, leather, and rubber. He is an award-winning entrepreneur and a mentor to several other entrepreneurs. With his strong entrepreneurship skills, he writes and evaluates business plans for individuals, corporate, and government agencies.

Begin the journey to entrepreneurial success in the ready-to-wear fashion business today!

Are you ready to excel in the fashion industry as a ready-to-wear fashion business owner? Our comprehensive course provides the essential strategies and insider insights you need to thrive in your ready-to-wear fashion business. Join us and turn your creativity into profit. Enroll now and take the next step towards realizing your filmmaking dreams!