Course Description

You can monetize your property or help other people manage theirs. It takes some level of business knowledge and skills to do so profitable. 

To understand this business, immerse yourself in this course highlighting the secrets to maximizing your income through short-term rentals. 

From selecting properties to managing guests, this course provides comprehensive guidance for establishing a prosperous rental enterprise. Explore insider strategies, effective marketing approaches, and proven methods to attract guests and enhance profitability. 

Either as a property owner seeking to optimize returns or an aspiring entrepreneur entering the hospitality sector, this course offers invaluable insights. Join us now and unlock the full potential of your rental property!

Course Curriculum

    1. Introduction to the course

    1. Introduction to Module 1

    2. Lesson 1 - The Business Model

    3. Lesson 2 - Opportunities and Available Potential Around Operating a Short-term Rental Property in Nigeria.

    4. Quiz

    1. Introduction to Module 2

    2. Lesson 1 - Key Budget Considerations in Short-Term Rental Business

    3. Lesson 2 - Conducting Market Research for Your Short-Term Rental Business

    4. Additional Questions on Analyzing the Competition

    5. Quiz

    1. Introduction to Module 3

    2. Lesson 1 - How to Prepare Your Property for Rental

    3. Lesson 2 – How to Get Listed on a Platform.

    4. Quiz

    1. Introduction to Module 4

    2. Lesson 1 - Guest Communication and Management

    3. Lesson 2 - Property Maintenance and Housekeeping

    4. Lesson 3 - Pricing and Marketing Your Property

    5. Quiz

    1. Introduction to Module 5

    2. Lesson 1 - Overcoming Challenges in the Short-term Rental Business

    3. Quiz

About this course

  • 1 hour of video content
  • Video Lesson
  • Workbook
  • Quizzes

Course Features

  • Self-paced Course

  • Lifetime Access and Updates

  • Robust Curriculum

  • Expert Instructors

Meet the Course Facilitator

CEO, Millenium Apartments Max Menkiti

Max Menkiti is a serial entrepreneur, a mentor, founder, and CEO of Millennium Apartments and Studios, Lekki, Lagos. He is an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry armed with extensive experience in bootstrap start-ups and operations in the UK and Nigeria. Max is a dedicated facilitator and mentor at FATE Foundation and served as a former president of the FATE Alumni Community.

Begin the journey to entrepreneurial success as a short-term rental business owner today

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your rental property? Learn insider strategies and proven methods to maximize your income. Don't miss out – enroll now and take your rental business to new heights!

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